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Hopi Black on Yellow Lamp by Paqua Naha (Frog Woman) new

This charming lamp dates to the 1930s and is signed with the distinct frog hallmark of Hopi master potter Paqua Naha (1890-1955), also known as Frog Woman. The lamp has a classic Sikyatki Revival design, with two abstract birds circling the top of the lamp's body, and the familiar motif of eagle tail feathers with beaks and talons on the main body. The lamp has a new shade and works very well, as shown in the first photo. The lamp measures 18" height and 7 1/2" diameter, and the base is in excellent original condition with no repair. This superb example of Paqua Naha's work would make an excellent (and functional!) addition to any collection of Pueblo Pottery or Southwest art.

P4635 -- $3275

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