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Sikyatki Revival Show

Sikyatki Revival Show

On Friday, August 19th, join us for the opening of “The Sikyatki Revival,” a show featuring new finds of Nampeyo pottery and new pottery by Rachel Sahmie that exemplify the important Sikyatki Revival art movement.

Nampeyo (1856-1942) was a Hopi master potter who single-handedly revived the pottery tradition at Hopi. She was also America’s first modern artist, incorporating traditional Hopi as well as ancient designs and forms into her own original work. Rachel Sahmie is a direct descendant of Nampeyo through her daughter Annie Healing Nampeyo.

The Sikyatki Revival was created by Nampeyo in the 1890s, when she began borrowing designs and forms from Sikyatki pottery examples she had seen. The ancient Hopi village of Sikyatki was inhabited from 1300-1600 and is known for its superior pottery. The Sikyatki Revival continues more than 130 years later, as Nampeyo’s descendants continue to create pottery inspired by the ancient pottery of Sikyatki.

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