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As a native New Mexican, Steve Elmore has been influenced by a grandeur and beauty that is unique unto the Southwest. It was at the end of the 1980s, while on visit back home to Carlsbad, NM from New York, NY, that Steve purchased his first large collection of Native American art; this would prove to be both a road of reconnection as it was a new beginning. His passion for quality Native American antiques stems from the desire to profoundly reconnect to the artistic integrity that each piece encapsulates. The objects presented in this collection should reflect these ideals: quality, passion, and integrity. On behalf of Steve and the gallery, we hope you enjoy them!

The collections feature artistic traditions from all of the Pueblo cultures of the Southwest, with a particular emphasis on historic material like pottery, weavings, katsinas, and baskets from the Hopi Pueblos in Arizona. Pueblo pottery is always a main attraction but we also handle many other diverse examples of Native American art including carvings from the Northwest Coast and Alaska, beadwork from the Plateau, and Pre-Columbian ceramics from Central and South America.

Nampeyo Pottery
Nampeyo Family Pottery
Pueblo Pottery
Rachel Sahmie
Nathan Begaye
Navajo & Pueblo Jewelry
Navajo & Pueblo Textiles
Hopi Kachina Dolls
Native American Baskets
Native American Fine Art
More Native American Art
Southwest Fine Art
Mexico and South America
Contemporary Paintings by Steve Elmore