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Nathan Begaye

Nathan Begaye

This show features definitive works by Hopi-Navajo master potter, Nathan Begaye (1958-2010). These pieces exemplify what made Begaye such a talented potter. While he drew inspiration from both Hopi and Navajo traditions, and researched them extensively, his multi-cultural background also allowed him the freedom to experiment aesthetically while still utilizing traditional methods of pottery-making.

Nathan Begaye’s pottery is frequently divided into three types—Navajo-inspired, Hopi/Sikyatki-inspired, and Anasazi-inspired—all of which are showcased here. We have added a fourth category of his work—his innovative pottery. All of his pottery demonstrates what makes Nathan Begaye so unique as a potter—his ability to draw inspiration from both the traditional and modern worlds.

The pieces featured in this show are from a Santa Fe collector and longtime patron of Nathan Begaye, who allowed Nathan to live and fire pottery on their land in Santa Fe.

Nathan Begaye
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