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Hopi Yellowware Open Bowl by Nampeyo, c.1905

This classic example of Nampeyo's work dates to 1905 and has her signature rain drops on its rim. The open bowl has four sets of two raindrops that frame the central design. The rim also has Nampeyo's signature extra coil, with two black bands that visually emphasize the border between the rim and the design in the center of the bowl. The bowl's central Sikyatki Revival design has an interesting sky band at the top with two clouds, with stippling below them on either side suggesting rain. Two eagle tail feathers drop down in the center of the design, framed by two abstract bird heads with beaks on each side. The bowl measures 2 1/2" height and 7" diameter, and is in excellent condition without repair. This superb example of Nampeyo's Sikyatki Revival pottery would be the perfect addition to any Pueblo pottery collection.

P4514 -- $3950

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