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Large Hopi Polychrome Jar by Debbie Clashin new

This large masterpiece-level polychrome jar is the work of Debbie Clashin, a traditional potter from First Mesa. Debbie Clashin (1969- ) is known for large, spectacular jars like this one. The jar is completely traditional, from hand-coiling to painting to firing outdoors. Debbie creates her own original designs with inspiration from ancient Sikyatki pottery, and her mentors Mark and Dianna Tahbo. The design on this jar incorporates familiar Hopi motifs including kiva steps and corn fields. The jar measures 11" height and 13 1/2" diameter, and is well-fired. Debbie is one of the best traditional potters at Hopi today, and we are proud to offer her work.

P4696 -- $3850

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