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Rare Small Redware Bowl with Qoqlo Face by Rachel Sahmie new

This small exquisite bowl is the work of the late Hopi-Tewa master potter Rachel Sahmie (1956-2022). Rachel is the great-great-granddaughter of Nampeyo, a descendant through Nampeyo's daughter Annie Healing Nampeyo. The exterior of this charming piece is decorated with a classic checkerboard design. The rim sports a black and white scalloped design that suggests abstract clouds with many raindrops. The Qoqlo or Kokole kachina face in the center of the bowl is painted in the style that Nampeyo herself often used to depict kachinas, with the mask enlarged and smaller shoulders and arms beneath. This Qoqlo has two sweet birds on either side of his mask, which is easily identified as Qoqlo's by its unique and unusual facial markings, which are thought to represent an abstract corn stalk.

The bowl measures 2 1/8" height and 4 1/4" diameter, and is in excellent condition. Rachel's signature is fired in guaco on the bottom of the bowl, with the penciled date 4-6-2011. An unusual and special example of Rachel's work.



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