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Hopi Kwikwilyaqa "Mocking" Kachina Doll, c.1950s

This traditionally-carved Hopi kachina doll dates to the 1950s. The doll depicts Kwikwilyaqa, the "mocking" kachina. He is so named because in the dances, he mocks the person he picks on by mimicking their words or sounds and gestures. Kwikwilyaqa is easily identified by his eyes and mouth, which are black cylinders with white stripes. He is sometimes also called "stripe nose" kachina in reference to this features. This doll is ethnographically accurate, with nice details like that the small bundles of cedar bark on the top and back of his helmet. This doll measures 9 1/2" height, and sits on a custom stand, but could easily be removed for hanging on a wall.



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