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Hopi Chakwaina Kachina Doll, c.1940s

This traditionally-carved Hopi kachina doll dates to the 1940s. The doll depicts Chakwaina, who is easily recognized by his black mask, red mouth with white teeth, and yellow crescent eyes. This depiction of Chakwaina has excellent details, including a concho belt and turquoise jewelry. This example is also ethnographically accurate, as he carries a rattle and a bow and arrow. The Chawaina Kachina, a warrior kachina, was brought from Zuni by the Asa Clan when they migrated to the Hopi village of Sichomovi, and is now seen in the dances on all three mesas. The doll measures 13" height and is in good condition. He sits on a custom stand, but is attached only by one foot, so he can be repositioned as desired.



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