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Hopi Polychrome Kachina Canteen by Nampeyo, c.1895

This classic example of Nampeyo’s canteen form and Palhik Mana design dates to 1895. The canteen spout is tilted slightly forward, a signature of Nampeyo’s work. This piece features the Palhik Mana or Butterfly Maiden design, the kachina that Nampeyo most frequently painted. The design is superbly executed, with raised arms and an elaborate fine-line tableta spreading across the face of the canteen. The canteen fired well, expressing the tonality from ivory to burnt orange that traditional Hopi yellowware is known for. This technique was perfected by Nampeyo in the late 1890s and became the dominant slip for Hopi pottery. The canteen measures 6 ¼” height, 4 ½” depth, and 7” width, and is in excellent, original condition. Complimentary shipping is included.



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