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Hopi Ancient-Inspired Polychrome Bowl by Bobby Silas

This bowl by Hopi potter Bobby Silas is inspired by an ancient Bidahochi bowl at the Museum of Northern Arizona, in Flagstaff, Arizona. Bobby fired the bowl in February 2022, using lignite coal, just like its predecessor. The bowl’s design is uniquely outlined in white. The bowl measures 4” height and 10 3/8” diameter, and is in excellent, original condition. This example successfully captures the look and feel of the ancient bowl it is inspired by.

Bobby Silas is a young Hopi potter who has been reviving ancient styles of pottery, as well as making traditional Zuni and Hopi pottery. Through working with museums and other potters, Bobby has created successful revival examples of both Sikyatki and Jeddito pottery, among others. We are proud to represent his work.



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