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Hopi Black on Red Bowl with Nayaiya Taka Kachina

This Hopi black on red open bowl dates to the 1930s, and is unsigned and unattributed. The bowl's design is the face of a seldom-depicted kachina, Nayaiya Taka, a corn dancer. He is characterized by his white and black striped cap and feathers, a Douglas Fir ruff, rectangular eyes, and a cog wheel design painted around the tube mouth of his mask. We have not seen this kachina portrayed on pottery before. Nayaiya Taka, or "Swaying Man," like all corn dancers, prays for corn to grow. His name comes from the swaying of the corn stalks in the wind, and he imitates this movement when he dances.

The bowl measures 2 1/2" height and 7" diameter, and is in excellent, original condition. This is an excellent example of historic Hopi pottery.

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