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Large Hopi Storage Jar by Rachel Sahmie

This large Hopi jar by master potter Rachel Sahmie (1956- ) was traditionally fired in January 2021. Its impressive size—13” height and 12” diameter—gives the jar a large presence. The jar fired well with a beautiful tonality of color in the clay, ranging from ivory to toasted orange. The designs on the jar are classic Sikyatki Revival, an excellent example of the continuation of the art movement started by Rachel Sahmie’s great-great-grandmother, Nampeyo (1856-1942), in the 1880s. Rachel began making pottery in Kindergarten, and made her first pots at her grandma Rachel Namingha’s house. Rachel Sahmie was also taught pottery-making by her mother, Priscilla Namingha, another Nampeyo family master potter. Complimentary shipping is included.



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