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Rare Acoma Double-Lobed Canteen, c.1870 new

This is a rare Acoma double-lobed canteen from about 1870. Both the vessel's form and design link it to the prehistoric world. This unique form—two containers joined—also has antecedents in South American ceramics. A floral design is iterated on all sides of the jar, including the bottom and ends. This canteen would have been worn on a sash and carried on the small of the back, for travel to the fields or on a hunting expedition. The canteen measures 3 3/8" height, 10" width, and 3 3/4" depth, and is intact with minor repaint. See P3669 for a contemporary example of a lobed Acoma canteen. Provenance: from an estate in Sinking Springs, Ohio. Complimentary shipping included.



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