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"Shalako Procession" by Ray Naha, Gouache on Board

This is a painting by Hopi artist Ray Naha (1933-1974), who was an artist from Polacca known for his realistic depictions of ceremonies at Hopi. Ray is the son of accomplished Hopi-Tewa potter Daisy Hooee, the granddaughter of Nampeyo (1856-1942). This painting is an accurate ethnographic portrayal of the winter Shalako ceremony, the Zuni ritual adopted by the Hopi, which offers thanks for the harvest and asks for the blessing of the new houses of the year. The towering Shalako Bird Messenger is accompanied by other Zuni katsinam—Sipikne with his yucca whips (far left), Hakto with his antlers (far right), and Hututu with his bow (right). Koyemsi (mud head clowns, who appear at many dances) dance with them. The image measures 31” height and 39” width, 38” height and 46” width framed, and the painting, including the wooden frame and back dust cover, is in excellent condition.

i124 -- $4250

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