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Hopi Hututu Sai-astasana Kachina Doll

This is a popular Zuni kachina that appears yearly in the Shalako ceremony at Zuni, accompanying Shalako. However, this is a Hopi-made doll of the same kachina, which also appears at Hopi as part of their Shalako ceremony alongside the other kachinas adopted from Zuni. This is a traditional portrayal of Sai-astasana—he carries a sheep scapula (used as a rattle) in one hand, and a bow in the other. The doll measures 10" height and is perfect for hanging. This particular appearance of Hututu is known as Sai-astasana, "the Zuni Rain Priest of the North," for the long horn on his head. See page 131 of "Kachinas: A Hopi Artist's Documentary" by Barton Wright. This is a rare doll of a rare occasion at Hopi. The doll stands on his own or is perfect for hanging on a wall.

h509 -- $1250

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