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Hopi-Navajo Seed Jar with Moth Design by Nathan Begaye

This is a six-color polychrome seed jar by Nathan Begaye, signed "Nathan Begaye Hopi Navajo 2-21-90." The jar shows Nathan drawing inspiration from the ancient world and using the traditional design of the moth. However, he has turned the moth into a more abstract design, and used it to frame the mouth of the seed jar, much like traditional Hopi potters have drawn squares around the round mouth of their ceramics. The black and white triangles, which are clearly abstracted moths also, are drawn from early Jeddito ceramics. This is an extraordinary piece with very fine detailing, and excellent form. The jar measures 4 1/4" height and 8 1/2" diameter, and is in excellent original condition. This is the first time this piece has ever been offered—it comes from the privation collection of a Santa Fe collector who traded housing for pottery with Nathan in the 1980s and 1990s. Nathan Begaye (1958-2010) was an incredibly innovative potter, drawing inspiration from both the modern world and his Hopi and Navajo heritage. Read his full biography here:



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