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Parrot Effigy Jar by Rachel Sahmie

This effigy jar by Rachel Sahmie was inspired by prehistoric jars of its kind from Sikyatki—specifically, an example in Chicago's Field Museum. At least one species of parrot was once native to the Southwest, and parrots were featured in the ancient kiva murals of the Hopi villages Awatovi and Kawaika-a, as documented by Watson Smith in 1952. This jar measures 4 1/2" height, 5 3/4" wide, and 7 3/4" in depth (from head to tail), and is clearly signed "Nampeyo Koo Loo" on the bottom. Rachel fired this jar in late 2007. Rachel Sahmie is a fifth generation master potter, and is the great-great-granddaughter of the matriarch of Hopi pottery, Nampeyo (1856-1942).



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