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Small Zuni Olla c.1900

Small Zuni Olla c.1900 Image 1 Small Zuni Olla c.1900 Image 2 Small Zuni Olla c.1900 Image 3 Small Zuni Olla c.1900 Image 4

Small Zuni Olla c.1900 new

This Zuni jar or olla dates to about 1900, and is a true miniature—all the characteristics of a traditional olla have been miniaturized, retaining the form of a full-sized jar. Not many small ollas were made at Zuni, since Zuni was far enough from Gallup and the railroad that their pottery traditions endured longer than neighboring Acoma, who received regular feedback from tourists and produced more tourist-sized pottery items. The jar features classic Zuni designs, which were heavily influenced by earlier ancestral designs. It measures 5 3/8" height and 6 1/2" diameter, and is in original condition with a rim chip repair. There is an old museum inventory number on the bottom. This is a great piece of historic Zuni pottery that would make for an excellent addition to any collection of pueblo pottery.

p4318 -- $1200

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