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Hopi Yellowware Effigy Head Jar by Nampeyo, c.1895-1900

Hopi-Tewa master potter Nampeyo (1856-1942) made this yellowware effigy head jar around 1895-1900. This early example of her yellowware also shows her experimenting with the form of the effigy head jar, which she would later refine with the collaboration of the sculptor Emry Kopta (1884-1953), who resided at Hopi in the first two decades of the 20th century. The raised features of the jar's charming face are very expressive, with eyelashes and eyebrows painted on. The face is framed, comprising one side of a three-paneled design. The other two panels mirror each other, and are classic Sikyatki Revival. Both the age of the piece and its design indicate that it is definitively the work of Nampeyo. The jar measures 3 1/4" height and 4 1/2" diameter, and is in excellent, original condition. Complimentary shipping is included.

P4630 -- $3250

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