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Hopi Polychrome Moth Jar by Vernida Polacca Nampeyo new

This new seed jar by Hopi master potter Vernida Polacca Nampeyo (b. 1955) shows her painting a familiar Nampeyo family motif: the moth design.

Vernida (1955- ) is the great-granddaughter of Nampeyo and the granddaughter of Fannie, Nampeyo's most prolific and skilled potting daughter. Fannie taught Vernida pottery-making from a young age. For decades, Vernida has made traditional Hopi pottery the way Fannie taught her, and she is well-known for precisely executing family designs, including this moth design.

When asked about the moth design, Vernida pointed out that moths are important pollinators that are good for crops.

The jar measures 5 1/2" height and 7 1/2" diameter, and was fired November 2023.

P4704 -- $1100

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