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Hopi Polychrome Seed Jar by Nampeyo, c.1895-1900 new

This superb example of an early version of Nampeyo's yellow slip dates to the late 1890s. This primarily ivory-colored yellowware jar predates the yellow slip of Nampeyo's mature period, which she refined to express a full tonality from ivory to burnt orange. The jar is decorated with bold, original compositions in four panels that are repeated on each side. The geometric designs feature familiar motifs of traditional Hopi pottery, most notably kiva steps, and show a strong use of positive and negative space. The jar measures 4 1/2" height and 9 1/2" diameter, and is in excellent condition with some minor repair. This would be an excellent addition to any collection of Nampeyo pottery—demonstrating both her originality and artistic trajectory, as her work became more sophisticated throughout her career.

P4278 -- $4250

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