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Rare Cochiti Pitcher with Two Ladies, c.1885 new

This rare Cochiti Pueblo pitcher dates to the 1880s and shows a Pueblo potter reacting to the changing world around her. In the 1880s, the railroad brought tourism to the Southwest, and with it, the introduction of many new cultures and people. Two such people adorn both sides of the pitcher—two ladies, each in Victorian dress. One lady wears earrings and a hat, with a striped skirt, and the other wears a hat with a plaid skirt. The form of the pitcher is also Victorian, and demonstrates the influence of Euro-American culture. The front of the pitcher is decorated with a triskelion, an ancient symbol from Europe. A scalloped border decorates both the interior and exterior of the pitcher's rim. The pitcher measures 7 1/2" height and 7 1/2" diameter, and is in excellent condition with no repair. This is an excellent and unique example of the influence of Euro-American culture on Pueblos at the end of the 19th century, as well as Cochiti Pueblo potters' well-known satirical and comedic reactions to this influence (which were typically in the form of mono figures).

P4652 -- $1650

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