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Hopi Polychrome Canteen by Nampeyo, c.1900

This early example of Nampeyo’s yellowware pottery dates to about 1900. The red-wiped base and spout are indicative of the canteen’s age. The form is an excellent example of an ethnographic Hopi canteen, and the spout of the canteen tilts slightly forward, another indication of Nampeyo’s work. The Sikyatki Revival design on the canteen shows Nampeyo continuing to experiment with what would later become her canonical eagle tail design, with eagle tail feathers dropping down and talons or beaks on both sides. This design is unique because Nampeyo has used Sikyatki Revival design elements to create a kachina mask. The canteen measures 8” height, 6” depth, and 8 ¼” width, and is in excellent original condition.

P4482 -- $6650

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