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Hopi Polacca Canteen by Nampeyo, c.1880-1885

This excellent example of Nampeyo’s early work dates to about 1880-1885. Nampeyo (1856-1942) is America’s first modernist artist, and is credited with single-handedly reviving the pottery tradition at Hopi. This canteen matches other known pieces by Nampeyo. The canteen is decorated with a classic rainbird design, which shows influence both from Zuni and the ancestral Pueblo world, with a charming scalloped border. The canteen’s form is a traditional Hopi canteen, like those used to carry water in the village. The spout of the canteen is tipped slightly forward, characteristic of Nampeyo’s work. The canteen measures 7 ½” height and 6 ½” diameter, and is in excellent original condition. The piece comes from an old Arizona collection.

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