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Zuni Owl Bank by Zoe Jamon, c.1920s

Although unsigned, this owl bank is mostly the work of Zuni master potter Zoe Jamon (1896-1963/1973). Zoe Jamon was the daughter of Tsayutitsa, one of the famous Zuni potters making pottery at Zuni in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Jamon is known for making owls like this one with wide black lines down their beaks (see Lanmon and Harlow, “The Pottery of Zuni Pueblo,” page 504). This owl “bank” has a slit in its back for inserting coins, and was likely made around 1920-1930. The mother owl has a worm to feed her chick, which is attached to her side like an Owl Storyteller. The owl bank is in excellent condition, and measures 6” height and 6” width. Complimentary shipping included.

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