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Two Hopi Open Bowls by Nampeyo

Here are two open bowls by Nampeyo.

LEFT - This red-slipped bowl was made by Nampeyo around 1905-1910. The bowl features a classic Sikyatki Revival swirl design, which was almost formulaic by this time, and has Nampeyo's signature rain drops on the rim. This bowl is particularly well-molded and well-fired, and is a very sturdy ceramic with no repair or restoration. The line work is a very fine example of Nampeyo's exquisite art in action. The bowl measures 3" height and 8 5/8" diameter.

RIGHT - SOLD - This classic white-slipped transitional ceramic was made by Nampeyo around 1894-1898, where she was using any design from the prehistoric world that she could find and doing her own interpretations of them. This layered four directions design is similar to several other designs credited to Nampeyo, in addition to having prehistoric antecedents. The chalky white slip of the bowl developed out of Nampeyo's Polacca slip period. The bowl also has geometric glyphs on the sides and a lug at the top, which are both important indicators of Nampeyo's work. The bowl measures 2 3/4" height and 9 1/4" diameter. Again, please note that this bowl has sold.

left -- $4750 --P4334

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