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Hopi Black on White Seed Jar by Helen Naha (Feather Woman)

Helen Naha aka Feather Woman (1922-1993) had a very, very successful career during which she brought her white slip to perfection. She was the wife of Archie Naha, the son of Paqua Naha, the first Frog Woman. Despite marrying into a famous pottery-making family, Helen has said she was primarily a self-taught potter—using techniques she observed from her sister-in-law, Joy Navasie, and mother-in-law, Paqua Naha. Helen initially used Sikyatki designs, but later is said to have taken more inspiration from prehistoric pot shards she found at the ruins of Awatovi. This piece superbly showcases the contrast between the crisp black pigment and her snowy white slip. It features a classic star design. The jar is clearly signed with Helen's feather, and measures 4" height and 9" diameter. Provenance: the William Worrel collection.

p4116 -- $4950

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