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White-Slipped Polychrome Bowl by Daisy Hooee, c. 1935

This is a white-slipped polychrome bowl by Daisy Hooee (1906-1994), which she made around 1935. Daisy Hooee learned pottery making with her sister Rachel Namingha, Annie Healing Nampeyo's other potting daughter. Annie was the daughter of Nampeyo (1856-1942) and often painted her mother's pots. Daisy's childhood connection with the wealthy Anita Baldwin took her away from Hopi to California and Paris for art school, but she settled back into native life and made many remarkable ceramics throughout her long life. The bright white slip of this colorful bowl resembles the white of Acoma Pueblo, but this white clay is from nearby Zuni Pueblo, where Daisy lived with her husband. As a public school teacher, she didn't have to produce lots of pottery to support herself, so she made few but excellent pieces—this bowl is one of them. The bowl measures 1 3/4" height and 9 1/2" diameter, and is in original condition with no repairs or restoration. This bowl is unsigned and the attribution is based on a similar bowl by her is pictured full page in Cooke and Wade's book: Canvas of Clay.

P3720 -- $7850

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