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Suggested Reading For Pueblo Pottery

Acoma and Laguna Pottery, (Dillingham)
Anasazi Pottery, (Lister & Lister)
Art of a Vanished Race: The Mimbres Classic Black on White, (Giametti & Reichart)
Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery, (Dillingham)
From This Earth: The Ancient Art of Pueblo Pottery, (Peckham)
Generations in Clay, (Dittert/Plog)
Heritage in Clay, (Hedges/Dittert)
Historic Hopi Ceramics
Historic Pottery of the Pueblo Indians: 1600-1880, (Harlow)
History of Pueblo Indian Pottery, (Harlow)
Hopi Pottery Symbols, (Patterson)
In Search of Nampeyo: The Early Years (Elmore)
I Am Here: 2000 Years of Southwestern Indian Arts and Culture, (Whiteford, Peckham, Dillingham, Fox & Kent)
Legacy of a Master Potter—Nampeyo (Blair)
Lucy M. Lewis: American Indian Potter, (Peterson)
Margaret Tafoya: A Tewa Potter’s Legacy and Heritage, (Blair)
Maria: Potter of San Ildefonso, (Mariott)
Maria, (Spivey)
Matte-Paint Pottery of the Tewa, Keres & Zuni Pueblos, (Harlow)
Mimbres Painted Pottery, (Brody)
Modern Pueblo Pottery: 1880-1960, (Harlow)
Nampeyo and Her Pottery, (Kramer)

Pottery by American Indian Women: The Legacy of Generations, (Peterson)

Pottery Treasures, (Gill)
Pueblo Pottery, (Toulouse)
Pueblo Pottery of the American Southwest, (Dittert/Plog)
Santa Clara Pottery Today, (LeFree)
Seven Families In Pueblo Pottery, (Maxwell Museum)
Talking With The Clay, (Trimble)
The Living Tradition of Maria Martinez, (Peterson)
The Pueblo Potter, (Bunzel)
The Pueblo Storyteller, (Babcock, Martin & Martin)
To Touch the Past: Painted Pottery of the Mimbres People, (Brody & Swentzell)
Two Hundred years of Historic Pueblo Pottery: The Gallegos Collection, (Harlow)