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Hopi Polychrome Vase by Jeremy Adams Nampeyo new

This large vase by Hopi master potter Jeremy Adams Nampeyo (b. 1988) showcases his precise fine line painting and symmetrical molding. Jeremy is the son of Vernida Polacca Nampeyo, and he is a sixth generation descendant of Nampeyo (1856-1942).

Jeremy makes traditional Hopi pottery the way his mother taught him, adding his own innovations to each design. Vernida and Jeremy often mold, paint, and fire their pottery together.

Both sides of the vase are decorated with a variation of a migration design that suggests four abstract birds. The two designs are framed by more migration-like designs that frame the birds. Jeremy's impressive line work is delicate and well-executed.

The vase measures 12" height and 8 1/2" diameter, and was fired in November 2023.

P4706 -- $2250

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