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Set of Four Cochiti Mono Figures "Four Directions" by Janice Ortiz

This exceptional set of Cochiti pottery mono figures by master potter Janice Ortiz represent the four directions. Each figure has its own charming personality, and is displayed on a custom metal stand. The figures measure 12"-14" in height, and are similar in size to historic Cochiti mono figures. Cochiti mono figures are traditional pottery figurines that date to the 1880s, when rail tourism introduced the people of Cochiti Pueblo to many different people and cultures. The mono is often a comedic or satirical rendering of the characters these artists encountered. The most famous historic examples of Cochiti monos include opera singers, merchants, and cowboys.

Mary Janice Ortiz (b.1954) is the sister of Virgil Ortiz, the daughter of Seferina Ortiz, and the granddaughter of Laurencita Herrera—traditional potters who are all known for their figural pottery. This complete set of all four directions figures is a superb example of Janice's work, and would be an excellent addition to any collection of Pueblo pottery.

JTP11 -- $8000

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