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Acoma Black on White Lightning Jar by Marie Z. Chino

This masterpiece-level Acoma jar by matriarchal potter Marie Zieu Chino (1906-1982) dates to the 1960s, the peak of the 20th century Acoma pottery revival. Along with her contemporaries Jessie Garcia and Lucy M. Lewis, Chino revived Tularosa and Mimbres-influenced traditional pottery at Acoma. Marie had five daughters who became potters, most notably Grace Chino and Rose Chino Garcia, and she nurtured both her children and grandchildren’s pottery careers.

This jar features an intricate lightning design, which Marie is perhaps best known for. The neck of the jar is encircled by a curvilinear floral design that contrasts with the dynamic lightning design. The design is extremely well-executed, and the jar fired well, with the black design in stark contrast with the white clay. The jar is thinly-molded and completely traditionally made, including pit-firing. The jar is above average in size and measures 11 ¼” height and 10 ¼” diameter, and is in pristine, original condition. This jar is exemplary of Marie Chino’s skill as a potter, and would be an excellent addition to any collection of Pueblo pottery. Provenance: an old Santa Fe family. Complimentary shipping is included.

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