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Nampeyo Family Retrospective

Nampeyo Family Retrospective

Steve Elmore Indian Art presents an exhibition and sale of Nampeyo Family Pottery from 1885 to 2020, featuring outstanding Hopi ceramics by Nampeyo and her many descendants, including her daughters, Annie, Nellie and Fannie, and her grand-daughters, Rachel, Daisy, and Juanita Healing. Contemporary work by the three Sahmie daughters of Priscilla Namingha will also be featured.

For over 130 years, Nampeyo's Sikyatki Revival Art Movement has grown and nourished the modern art world with its graceful, elegant forms and intriguing abstract designs. Nampeyo's early creations were widely marketed in the late 19th and early 20th century as contemporary examples of modern art. Museums, universities, galleries, and collectors cherished her work and took it all over the world, including many museums in America as well as in Berlin, and Oslo. Her work was exhibited in Paris as early as 1885.

Nampeyo Family Retrospective
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Nampeyo Family Retrospective
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