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Large Hopi Hemis Kachina, c.1950s

This spectacular old-style Hemis Kachina shows excellent traditional iconography, with wheat and turkey feathers adorning the tableta, a rainbow-painted visor, a carved fox tail at the back, blue arm bands, red moccasins, and a life-like stance. The design on the tableta features stepped clouds and phallic symbols for reproduction and abundance. The doll has leather, yarn, and felt details in keeping with era it was carved. In one hand, he carries his rattle, and his left hand is missing what traditionally would have been Douglas Fir sprigs. Hemis appears frequently at the Home Dance at the end of July, the final dance which marks the end of the Kachina cycle. He is thought to be a general symbol of fertility, but especially for corn and crops, according to Oscar T. Branson in his book "Hopi Indian Kachina Dolls." The doll is unsigned, and measures 31" height and 12" width at the tableta.

h511 -- $2250

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